IRS W-2G/Electronic Filing

IRS W-2G & Electronic Filing

The IRS W-2G system:

  • Stores customer information
  • Links IRS holdings with Social Security Numbers
  • Stores Split Tickets
  • Prints W-2G forms

The CHRIMS IRS W-2G System handles all of your IRS reporting requirements. CHRIMS processes the IRS W-2G withholding and tax deposit information. This includes the annual distribution of W-2G tax forms to individual account holders on your totalizator system, as well as the filing of the magnetic media with the IRS.

CHRIMS securely stores your customer information, while still allowing fast and easy access.


While gathering and processing data we:

  • Interface with multiple tote systems and data sources
  • Work with tote companies to resolve any data issues
  • Manage standardized identifiers for race characteristics
  • Handle exceptions so wagering reports balance

In addition to data processing, CHRIMS offers other services including:

  • Inter-networking 34 race tracks and off-track wagering facilities in California
  • Customized analysis tools and reports and other data-interface projects
  • Source Market and Host Fee entry & reporting
  • Pari-mutuel data analysis