Pari-Mutuel Accounting Distributions

Pari-Mutuel Accounting and Distributions

Accurate calculations of settlements and distributions requires the daily processing of conventional and exotic pools by location, association and type of race.

Total amounts retained from the public (takeout & breakage), plus the total amount payable to the public are balanced back to total track handle. Handle, along with prospective distributions, can be queried and sorted by On-Track, Off-track and Out of State wagers. Further queries include date ranges, breeds, live, interstate, international, etc.. Presently the CHRIMS staff, with our own in-house software tools, load and balance pari-mutuel data daily. The operation of CHRIMS occurs in three phases:

Data Acquisition: Each night after racing for the day has concluded, the CHRIMS system electronically and automatically downloads the complete end-of-session reports from each tote company. This is a data stream which includes all wagering activity conducted through pools, down to the level of individual teller transactions.

Data Processing: Each morning, the CHRIMS data staff supervises the compilation of tote data into usable information units (pool-by-pool, site-by-site, handle, takeout, breakage, payout, etc.). This information is then processed using tables prescribing statutory and contractual takeout distribution formulas to produce a new set of information separating pari-mutuel revenue allocations. This processed information is then available electronically to an official auditor for review and archived and made available throughout the system’s network of users.

Information Dissemination: All wagering and takeout information is locked into the system and opened to the CHRIMS network in the form of queried data-sets: Reports detailing the complete breakdown of handle by date, site, pool, type of wagering event, etc. System users may query the database across a variety of parameters to obtain consistent, reliable information for accounting purposes, statistical analysis, confirmation of pari-mutuel receipts due, interstate simulcast settlements and more.


While gathering and processing data we:

  • Interface with multiple tote systems and data sources
  • Work with tote companies to resolve any data issues
  • Manage standardized identifiers for race characteristics
  • Handle exceptions so wagering reports balance

In addition to data processing, CHRIMS offers other services including:

  • Inter-networking 34 race tracks and off-track wagering facilities in California
  • Customized analysis tools and reports and other data-interface projects
  • Source Market and Host Fee entry & reporting
  • Pari-mutuel data analysis