Data Processing

Not Just Software….

CHRIMS is unique in that it provides a complete processing service. Unlike similar products which offer only software and tools for processing your own data, CHRIMS provides a team of highly seasoned personnel to process your data for you.

On a daily basis, CHRIMS’ experienced data technicians download all available and necessary TRA settlement files and verify handle figures in comparison to files and reports from the various totalisator providers. The CHRIMS systems acquires this pari-mutuel data, and not only reconciles and balances those figures, but also performs any necessary distributions.

Data is processed and available by 10:00 AM in every time zone the day after racing.

CHRIMS maintains personnel and processing seven days a week, 364 days a year (we are only closed on Christmas Day). As a valued customer, you have 24/7 access to trained and experienced pari-mutuel data technicians year round. This provides protection for your pari-mutuel accounting operations against personnel issues like illness, resignations, etc. The CHRIMS team has years of experience working with all tote companies, all account wagering companies and managing all operational issues.


While gathering and processing data we:

  • Interface with multiple tote systems and data sources
  • Work with tote companies to resolve any data issues
  • Manage standardized identifiers for race characteristics
  • Handle exceptions so wagering reports balance

In addition to data processing, CHRIMS offers other services including:

  • Inter-networking 34 race tracks and off-track wagering facilities in California
  • Customized analysis tools and reports and other data-interface projects
  • Source Market and Host Fee entry & reporting
  • Pari-mutuel data analysis