Consolidated Racing & Gaming Services

Consolidated Racing & Gaming Services

As a leader in technology solutions servicing the Pari-mutuel wagering industry for over 30 years, CHRIMS PGSI has expanded its trusted service offerings to all types of gaming including:

  • Sports Betting
  • Casino
  • Fixed Odds
  • Historical Horse Racing.
  • Tournament
  • Exchange Betting

Offering robust reporting and database tools that span all gaming types allows for a “one stop shop” on financial services and analytics. Our system has been designed to allow the end user to filter or combine all revenue generating wagering sources in a single or separate reports, while still leveraging CHRIMS PGSI core services to calculate and report funds due to or from regulatory or contractually obligated entities.


While gathering and processing data we:

  • Interface with multiple tote systems and data sources
  • Work with tote companies to resolve any data issues
  • Manage standardized identifiers for race characteristics
  • Handle exceptions so wagering reports balance

In addition to data processing, CHRIMS offers other services including:

  • Inter-networking 34 race tracks and off-track wagering facilities in California
  • Customized analysis tools and reports and other data-interface projects
  • Source Market and Host Fee entry & reporting
  • Pari-mutuel data analysis