CHRIMS offers a comprehensive set of solutions for the pari-mutuel industry, including:

  • Data Processing Customer Service

    CHRIMS is unique in that it provides a complete processing service. Unlike similar products which offer only software and tools for processing your own data,...

  • Pari-Mutuel Accounting Distributions

    Pari-mutuel accounting and distributions requires daily processing of conventional and exotic pools by location, association and type of race. Total amounts retained from the public (takeout & breakage) added...

  • Net Settlements Service

    The days of using Microsoft Excel to maintain your simulcast settlements are gone. CHRIMS has introduced a web-based accounting application...

  • Money Room Cash Vaults

    CHRIMS Money Room/Cash Vault System provides you with the ability to: Manage bank roll & cash on hand. Maintain teller accounts & track overages and shortages...

  • Host Fee Application

    The CHRIMS Host Fee Application is a simulcast contract management tool that is utilized and shared by your Legal, Accounting and Simulcasting Departments...

  • IRS W-2G Electronic Filing

    The IRS W-2G system: Stores customer information. Links IRS holdings with Social Security Numbers. The CHRIMS IRS W-2G System handles all IRS reporting requirements...

  • Runners Database

    In addition to daily pari-mutuel data from the tote companies, CHRIMS also receives daily race information from Equibase. The Equibase data is a uniform, industry-owned database of racing information and statistics which includes horse racing results...

  • Marketing Rewards System Group Sales

    The CHRIMS Rewards System tracks wagering and attendance activity at live race tracks, as well as simulcast facilities. CHRIMS provides individual player amounts wagered by host...

  • Source Market Access Fees

    CHRIMS uses data from the ADW companies to report handle by zip code and can calculate source market access fees in jurisdictions where...


While gathering and processing data we:

  • Interface with multiple tote systems and data sources
  • Work with tote companies to resolve any data issues
  • Manage standardized identifiers for race characteristics
  • Handle exceptions so wagering reports balance

In addition to data processing, CHRIMS offers other services including:

  • Inter-networking 34 race tracks and off-track wagering facilities in California
  • Customized analysis tools and reports and other data-interface projects
  • Source Market and Host Fee entry & reporting
  • Pari-mutuel data analysis