Anna Ramirez

Anna Ramirez joined CHRIMS in late 2009. Anna is a Senior Data Tech and right-hand to the Data Department managers. She is the lead for California data processing, while training and overseeing others as they learn the California processes as well as daily data operations. Anna has an educational background in accounting. Since entering the workforce in high school, she has over 18 years of experience in various customer service industries. While CHRIMS is specialized in Horse Racing, building strong customer relationships and taking care of others is at her core. She strives to put her own, and the company's, best foot forward at all times. She has extensive knowledge of CHRIMS proprietary systems and works closely with the data tech and development teams on issues and implementation of tools and new procedures. A Bay Area native, she is rooted in Hayward, CA alongside her relatively large family (who haven’t gone far either). She grew up playing soccer, listening to her grandfather and uncles play music, and learning how to cook from her mother and grandmother. With a passion for food and learning new things, being the rock and solid foundation to her 3 kids, fiancé and the rest of her family, is what matters most.