Narayana Reddy

Narayana Reddy Tera joined CHRIMS in May 2017 as Vice President of Software Development. In this role he is responsible for CHRIMS offshore operations from Hyderabad, India. He has more than 15 years of experience in delivering business critical projects and building business solutions with technology support. Narayana brings with him rich experience and a record of proven accomplishments of the Onsite/Offshore model. He has a strong understanding of a variety of technologies and builds various products as a technology agnostic. Narayana designed and built a development framework, IDP (Infinite Dimensional Platform), with which business applications can be built rapidly with minimal development effort and can be seamlessly integrated with existing applications that are in different technologies including classic ASP. He has contributed in profound ways to the development of business solutions that create efficiency for CHRIMS and our clients. Narayana holds a bachelor’s degree in Technology from JNTU in Hyderabad, India. He loves to spend time with family and friends. In his free time, he tries to explore new technologies in IT and participate in introspective reflection to encourage personal growth.