Ram Prasad

Ram is a Senior Architect and has been supportive in managing the NetSettlements Application, which has been critical for the Settlements Department. Ram has the compassion of rational thinking towards Business Operations. His perspective of the applications from the end user and the business customer has been helpful in refining the requirements and enhancing the applications. This helps the team to develop applications with rationality. During his initial career, Ram was a Network and hardware support engineer. He has a brief experience in teaching before getting into software development. He has around 10+ years of experience for building applications in the domains of Healthcare, Biomedical Engineering and Production Engineering. He has completed the DOEACC "B" level course conducted by Min. of IT, Gov. of India. In his free time, Ram enjoys experimenting with the principles of physics and electricity and is an ardent DIY Enthusiast. Ram has worked on various off-beat technologies of Free and Green energy. Developed multiple designs and models of devices on WoodGas Burners, HHO kits to run cars on water, Boilers and Solar Heat Devices using Fresnel Lens, Air Conditioning devices with Vacuum pumps, Steam Engines from used petrol engines, Tesla Turbine and Sterling Engines.