Will Dunton

Will Dunton, Director of Database Development Since joining CHRIMS in 2003, Will’s primary focus has been to deliver and improve database systems that support the company’s infrastructure and programming teams to deliver reliable and accurate data to our customers. Will has over 25 years’ experience in the IT industry. After working as a C and Shell programmer for 5 years, he discovered a natural talent in the growing relational database market. Since installing his first copy of Informix OnLine in the early 1990’s, Will has excelled at implementing fast and reliable database systems for his employers. While experienced in many RDMS systems he has a particular fondness for Informix, which is the backbone database system of CHRIMS enterprise to this day. Will grew up in the Bay Area where he still lives with his wife, two children, and untrained dog. He plays multiple instruments but is first and foremost a drummer. The company hasn’t fully embraced his incessant tapping but tolerate it as “his creative process”.